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One thing I did notice, was that the majority of men who contacted me during my two months trialling the site were Asian.I don’t know whether that’s coincidence, or demographic of the majority of males users, but it was certainly noticeable as compared to all the other dating sites I’ve used in the London area.This comes with a negative aspect though (as it does on all paid sites) – of the few men I engaged in conversation with, they seemed extremely quick to make judgments of my profile, and of the small talk we had.This is something I’ve found frustrating on all the paid sites I’ve tried – because people are paying for the service, they almost seem more apprehensive to meet up and simply test the water.It wasn’t as fun to create as OKCupid (which asks you loads of cool questions), but it was simple enough, and asked enough questions that you feel like your profile can showcase your personality sufficiently.The only way set-up could be made easier would be by linking up to social media, however sometimes this can be more of a hindrance than a help.

Free Services – 4/10 Whilst Lovestruck does offer free services, they are extremely limited.

Definitely enough information to work out if you’d like to chat to someone or not.

As Lovestruck is marketed as a site for young professionals, the site focusses on where daters live and work, and there is a clear focus on work.

I’m clearly not the only one impressed by Lovestruck’s Tube ads, as the site does have a large number of members, who seem to regularly use the site.

Comparative to Tinder there seem to be less ‘hotties’, but to be honest I think the same applies to all paid dating sites.

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