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Now living in Glasgow, she has been accepted by Strathclyde Police to begin two years’ probationary training, making her Scotland’s first transgender police officer.

A source said that Miss Hamilton, 44, had ‘sailed through’ the initial six-month selection process: ‘Jan Hamilton scored highly in the written tests and had no problem with the fitness tests.

There are no records of anyone ever being charged for spying an unclothed mannequin, although we’re more interested in who would have been held accountable - the boy, the mannequin or the boy’s guardian?

We can only assume this ‘law’ was introduced under the umbrella term of preventing the corruption of minors at some point in recent history.• In Scotland the law obliges citizens to allow whoever knocks on their door to use their toilet It appears as though this ‘law’ was little more than a tradition, or polite custom.

'She completed the mile-and-a-half run in about 11 minutes, even though women are allowed to take up to 16.’The source added that senior officers had given their full backing to her application.

The roots of modern Scots law were established with the introduction of feudalism and the expansion of the Kingdom of Scotland, with Roman law, playing a greater part in Scots law from the 15th century onwards, often being adopted in court in cases of a lack of native Scots ruling to settle a dispute.

That said, trespassing was once legal in Scotland due to a law that allowed free passage through people’s land and it’s not entirely beyond the realms of possibility that the custom was borne from this.

Initially passed to allow people to cross large areas of land belonging to neighbouring clans (which gives you an idea of the age of this law), it is now used today by hikers.

There are two other laws we came across that affect Scots - again, most likely little-known archaic laws that have never been officially repealed.• In York, it is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow There are a number of laws similar to this, including the town in Kansas state that forbids people from throwing knives at men wearing striped suits or shirts.

As of April of this year, it was still perfectly legal to carry this out but thankfully there are no reports of anyone ever trying it.

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