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If you live closer to Harley we will meet you there! Who wants to have to take it personally if there’s no second friend date?With the Seattle Freeze, you don’t have to wonder why there wasn’t a follow-up dinner/coffee klatch/beer bust.Culturally appropriate incivility is to blame, not your personality.At the bottom of the singletrack descent, turn left onto Sawmill Creek Road and descend to Wanderer.Frosty's is a descent, somewhat challenging climb if one is insistent upon climbing the ski area on a busy, summer weekend.The folks who use actual social science to track such things tell us that Seattle is getting friendly. Maybe we just like each other more than we used to. The Seattle Freeze is something of a catchall for describing a vein of passive anti-sociality that runs through the city’s residents. (Your author, a hypocrite, has disputed the existence of the Freeze.Check out the gallery above for a look at what’s coolest about the city’s Freeze. Usually to longtime coworkers he has never quite managed to invite over for a barbeque.

For what it’s worth, we polled readers on the Seattle Freeze in 2012. reporter Levi Pulkkinen can be reached at 206-448-8348 or [email protected]

The upper half was realigned which improved the trail's ability to be climbed.

Access near the top of Pioneer, just below the top of the Colorado Superchair. Turn left and descend the access road towards Chair 6.

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