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But there's no argument about what it should have done when the game was over.

When Jim Nantz cited the names of various streets and sections of New Orleans, I thought CBS's cameras would go there. Eastern, it should have gone directly to the happy heart of New Orleans for 15 minutes and delayed the start of its new series ''Undercover Boss.'' But that was not to be. Did CBS adequately explain the rule on the Saints' 2-point conversion?They were not good practices for the university or its athletes, they've taken a lot of collective action,'' Delany said. Sorry, Dorothy--sometimes your heart's desire isn't in your own backyard.None of the programs involved so far are in the Big Ten.Delany said he could count at least nine times during his lifetime, dating back to the gambling and point-shaving scandals of the 1950s, when federal investigators have moved on college basketball.''So, we should all be concerned,'' he said. Our coaches will coach, and they will do the best they can to get students to class and get them on the right path.

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In the last three or four (scandals) there's been more engagement on the agent side, the adviser side, still some, perhaps, gambling.

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