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The camming angle of the BD Camalots is a little higher than most of the other cams in this review.The seemingly 'standard' camming angle is 13.75, whereas the Camalots use a 14.5 camming angle.ASER, the world-leading maker of stun guns, has a new name, Axon, and a new business plan: to build a massive artificial intelligence using video data from its new police body cameras.Last week, the company announced that it would offer a free body-camera for every police department in the United States, they agree to have that camera’s video stream back to Axon.

Note on prices: We've tried to give the RRP for the different models of cam, however usually as the cams get larger, the price increases - so we've opted for a mid-size price for each model.This means you get even more range out of the BD Camalots than the other dual axle cam on test - the DMM Dragons - but it also means that at both ends of the placement size spectrum (having your Camalots tipped-out and over-cammed) you get marginally less camming force, and the placements are slightly less strong.The C4s are a single stem cam, giving reasonable flexibility in horizontal placements.This means there is slightly less friction on the placements, but your cams will last longer and not get mangled up through repeated use.The lobes are wider than the Dragons, meaning more surface contact with the rock, but also making the Camalots a bit heavier.

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