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Dall said she was angered by the disclosure and was tested herself; the result was negative.

She said follow-up exams determined that Alomar had full-blown AIDS.

District Court on Wednesday, contains accusations that could not be corroborated but portray Alomar as someone who demanded sex without a condom despite showing obvious signs of HIV.

Alas, the Blue Jays lose anyway, 5-3 (12), despite Alomar’s 1.037 WPA.

Alomar lawyer Charles Bach told the New York Daily News the allegations are “frivolous and baseless.” News of the lawsuit was “something out of the blue,” Alomar’s father, Sandy Alomar Sr., told El Nuevo Dia newspaper in Puerto Rico.

“We’ve never talked about something like this.” Dall said the two began dating in spring 2002 and had unprotected sex for the next four years.

“I am in very good health and I ask that you respect my privacy during this time.

“As for the lawsuit, it is filled with lies and I am deeply saddened that someone I cared for would make such terrible accusations and try to hurt me in this way.” Calls seeking comment to lawyers for Alomar and Dall were not immediately returned.

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