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She used to be an upbeat, happy young woman and now she's a shell of her former self. Her last long-distance relationship was with a guy she met on the Internet who constantly lied to her and strung her along for two years. It turns out he's already married and just needed a part-time fancy. Now it seems as she's getting drawn in to the same situation. Oftentimes I think I should just give up and let her figure out stuff for herself.I'd welcome any suggestions and advice from you though. The fact that this guy is cooling off the relationship with your friend is actually a good thing, in that it sounds as if nothing will ever come of an Internet "romance" that seemed problematic from the start.If he is willing to reconsider, we'd like to suggest two steps that can help him sort out what he really feels about you, and what he expects.The first is for him to find a happily married friend, relative, rabbi, former teacher, neighbor, etc. Single friends can't play this role; they often reinforce negative stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. The truth is that the "spark" that this man was looking for is an overrated myth. So my question is: Is that "spark" able to be created? I feel like I'm losing someone really special because of this abstract thing. Ellen Images of romance fostered by novels, movies and TV have created a generation of men and women who have very unrealistic expectations about their relationships.Is this instant attraction a barometer by which we could measure the likelihood that two people have met their future life partners? The vast majority of people who feel a strong connection from the outset end up breaking up a few months later.

When she told him she's ready to meet him he demurred and told her he's too busy and that he's still "looking into things." Also, after that he's been communicating with her less and less, sometimes off for several days at a time.

I must admit that while I don't feel those things either, we have so much in common (life goals and values), and have fun together, both respect each other a great deal, and feel physical attraction to each other.

Because he doesn't have that feeling of butterflies, of romance, of excitement.

I'm sad to report that things with her took a turn for the worse. Early in their courtship he promised her a lot of things, like promising to pay for her tickets to come over to his country, and also to sponsor her post-grad education when she's ready.

He told her he had a lot of money for them to start a life together and she shouldn't worry about anything.

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That's because they were fortunate enough to have compatible values, goals and personalities, and because these qualities enabled them to build depth to their relationship.

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