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What’s next in my post is nothing special that most of smart admins might not been knowing about, but I thought to make a step by step guide over WSUS from the resources already available over internet.

Offline updates solution: Autopatcher: When you talk about updating few PCs just built up and installed, then the best tool that strikes me is Autopatcher.

Typical storage with multiple Operating systems can be as large as 60 or 70Gb. This is required, and WSUS server checks for it’s presence. : Installing WSUS on custom Port 8530 is little different from the normal setup.

The WSUS Database is managed by MDSE, and is installed by default into C:\WSUS\MSSQL$WSUS. You have to manually configure the client self update feature.

Once an update is approved, the targeted WSUS clients download the update using the Windows AU client.

· Proxy Server Settings – you can specify a specific proxy server to use for updates,along with credentials if needed.Sometimes we think that why are we downloading the same updates for each of the PC separately?Or feel that its really hard to keep track of what’s got updated and what’s not?A supported Windows Server operating system – Windows Server 2003 is the preferred OS, but Windows 2000 is also supported. This expands to 55.6 MB (58,335,654 bytes) on disk prior to installation. WSUS Setup (WSUSSetup.exe) – Like BITS V2, this is available only to beta testers or members of the OEP at present. Microsoft recommends that you must have at least 6GB free disk space to store WUS content. Installing WSUS with in-built Local Database (SQL/MSDE): Installing WUS with local database is pretty straight forward where, you have 2 Scenarios as given below: · Installing WSUS on Default Website, with port 80.WSUS is supported on all editions of Windows Server 2003, but there are some restrictions of you use the Web Edition (See [WUS Restritions With2k3 Web]. IIS – WUS is operated via IIS, so your WUS Server needs to have IIS loaded. The installation of this hot fix alsos stop IIS, and requires a reboot. Background Intelligent Transfer Service 2.0 (BITS 2.0 – this is a new version of BITS, at present only available to beta testers, or those on the OEP. At present, typical usage is around 1-2GB/language, although this does depend on what updates you specify and is likely to grow over time. · Installing WSUS on Custom Website, with port 8530.

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