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“You know, when you get new smash, you know, you hunch up. She made a name for herself in the early 2000s as an R&B queen — singing on Ja Rule's hit song "Put It on Me" — and her husband Karl Dargan is also successful in his own right!Mo filed for divorce in Baltimore, and regardless of what the rumors may say, it took her a decent amount of time before she jumped into a new relationship.She admitted to getting an abortion towards the end of her and Phillip’s relationship claiming that he kept trying to get her pregnant to Trap her!Together, they are the newest power couple on , so keep reading below to find out more about Lil' Mo's husband!The 32-year-old Philadelphia native is known as Karl “Dynamite” Dargan in the ring.

This happens to be less than two weeks after Mo took to the airwaves to defend her girl Chrisette Michele in the Inauguration debacle. We don’t have to accept anything that they dish us, we just have to fight back.” We noticed that Mo has been responding to fans and basically confirming that she's leaving.Since then, Lil’ Mo has actively been involved in the music industry and from 1998 started out as a musician herself.To find out more about her life or career, you can read her biography in sites like IMDB or Wikipedia.Lil’ Mo is now dating Karl Dargen and has high hopes of marriage in the future! I’m out of here.’” Needless to say, that was very shocking information, but ladies pay attention to your man when you are having a threesome!!She’s just not the girlfriend type, but the “” type.

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