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Welcome To My Room:-) Legal Notice: The use of my profile,video or pictures in any form online now or in future is not permissible without my express written consent.

Any such unauthorized use of these materials, even for non-monetary, will result in legal action.

It is best to negotiate in writing with a copy of your budget sheet, explaining your circumstances fully and ask for all interest and charges to be frozen.

As some of the debts you mention are non-priority debts, I suggest you complete a thorough budget sheet of income and expenditure to enable you to work out what (if anything) you can afford to pay to your creditors after your essential living expenses.

Remember to keep a copy of all your correspondence.

National Debtline produce detailed guidelines on how to negotiate in this way, including standard letters which will help you write to your creditors.

I like when guy treats me the way a girl should be treated. Stay positive and focus on me so you can enjoy every minute spent in my room.

The countries that are not allowed to see my chat are: I am so sorry!

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